Experience is the best teacher…just ask the couple pictured above, I’m sure they can tell you all about it!

While working many years in the housing industry, the staff at HGTVhacks.com has spent many years in a wealth of industries including engineering, manufacturing and various entertainment sectors.  This is what gives us the experience needed to not only understand what is happening right now, but it gives the ability to see understand how things can, and should, be.

Our mission is to build the most informative renovation and home decor blog on the internet and to help our readers recognize the fullest potential in their homes and to help them understand where our real estate market is headed.  It’s our hope that the home decor and renovation tips we share will ultimately be good for everyone that reads them.

But the biggest “About Us” story has yet to be written.  Through the excitement we hope to generate with this blog, we hope to take our sister company, Good Investments Real Estate, and start changing the way we live by being more appreciative of the resources we have and to help people make good choices  in the homes they invest in by planning for and using technology as well as common sense.

We’re glad you’re here…

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