The Best Trick for Installing Laminate Flooring – Flip or Flop

Boxed in flip finds Tarek and Christina working a typical best down California ranch.  We love this show because they show so much of the process!  While they only have time to give you “glimpses” of it, there is good info to be picked up here.  Today, it has to be the best trick for installing laminate flooring we’ve ever seen on TV!

Like most of the homes we see them working with, this one is a 50s ranch that is pretty beat down.  The home is in Fullerton and is in a good neighborhood but it’s a bit expensive and has a bad floorplan. The house has lots of doors, hallways and small rooms but they’re used to that. The backyard is a DIY nightmare and the patio is finished with numerous materials that were poorly installed.  DIY projects gone bad are a huge red flag for us and they should be for you too.  If it doesn’t look like it belongs, it probably doesn’t!

The contractor says the plumbing and electrical are in good shape but the home still needs a lot of work.

Low Balling Offer

Tarek and Christina are usually pretty sensitive to the asking price and seldom do they “low ball”.  However, the numbers don’t work on this home any other way so they come in $70k under ask.  The meet somewhere in the middle but you have to ask yourself…

When Should You Make an Offer Below Asking Price?

Not to Code

The patio cover is what looks to be a DIY project so one has to ask, was it built to code?  As it turns out, it isn’t so they’re forced to remove it which means patching the roof.  This isn’t always easy but they’re able to make it happen.  Just know that removing something often means putting some of it back!

Notice that they recycled some of the slate from the original patio.  While this is certainly clever, all the cleverness in the world is no good unless you have a mason who knows how to salvage something like this.  Be careful what you feel you can and can’t reuse…it isn’t always a slam dunk!

How to Make a Small Home feel Bigger

Because theu don’t have the funds to rearrange the floorplan, Christina is depending on “high design” to sell this home.  The grand experiment here is the black backsplash in the white kitchen. Some may find this controversial but with the white grout, it looks awesome.  HGTV has a few tips on how to make small feel big…have a look!

Making Small feel Big

How to remove a Cast Iron Tub

If you have ever tried to remove a cast iron tub in one piece, then you understand where we’re going with this.  First, many of these tubs are installed before the drywall is hung because you couldn’t get the tub in the home otherwise.  In other words, it probably isn’t going through any of your doors!  Second, they aren’t light.  These tubs can easily weigh over 150lbs and it’s bulky, hard to handle weight.

So what did we see here that makes this note worthy?  The crew on this job took a grinder with a cutting wheel on it and simply cut it into pieces to get it out of the house.  But just make sure you’re wearing gloves and make sure there is no saw dust in the immediate area!  Saw dust is extremely flammable and grinding on cast iron creates a lot of sparks!

And wear ear and eye protection as well!

Selling a Home for over Comps

They purchase the home for $340k and after $45k in renovations, if should comp out at $450. These are pretty tight numbers when you figure in closing and carrying cost so they’re hoping to stay on budget. Most investors don’t have the confidence to flip on such slim margins and rightfully so.  But in the end, Tarek and Christina have enough room in the budget and enough experience to at least break even on the deal…hopefully, they won’t be working for free!

The home did sell for $485K but selling and closing are 2 different things.  The biggest concern here is did it comp for $485 and were the buyers able to secure financing at this price?  We may never know…

The Best Trick for Installing Laminate Flooring

Check out the picture below to see how they’re pulling the flooring together while being so close to a wall.  It’s this kind of trick that can take the frustration out of a job like this!  Simply hook the flooring with one end of the crowbat and tap the other end to pull it all together!

Tricks for installing laminate flooring

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